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News To Know: Swine Flu Hullaballoo

So assuming you've watched or read the news in the past few days, you've probably heard about the swine flu fears that have been spreading. What's the real deal here? While it's true that countries around the world are taking precautions and heightening their readiness levels, it is important to note that the American government has not felt the need to take some of the more extreme actions it could in a severe emergency. That being said, the administration has said that swine flu does represent a public health threat.
Despite the lack of an HHS Secretary, President Obama's administration was quick to let everyone know that this issue is under control. Almost all cases in the U.S. have had only mild results, and both the administration and experts advise people not to over react. In preparation, pharmacies are stocking up on sanitary supplies such as masks as well as flu vaccines.
There are some basic facts to know here, but the message seems to be that while this is concerning, there's nothing to panic over.

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