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Osteoporosis is A Men's Condition Too

Science Daily had a good article today on how while there's (understandably) a lot of focus on the health of obese and overweight men as they get older, being a thin older dude doesn't necessarily mean you're off the health hook.
New research is showing that older, thin men have an increased chance of osteoporosis and bone fractures, particularly those who have had fluctuations in weight.
"Low weight among middle-aged men was related to the risk of osteoporosis three decades later, and this risk was significantly affected by weight changes. Weight increase reduced the risk, whereas weight loss increased the risk," says researcher Professor Haakon E. Meyer from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health and the University of Oslo.
Not only are studies like this reminding us that we shouldn't just be focusing on the health risks of overweight folk, but also reminding us that men are prone to osteoporosis too. It's no big news that the condition is prevalent in women, and that should obviously be of focus - but let's not forget that fellas can be affected too!

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