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Pill Popper


I admit it; I pop pills on a daily basis. I won't bore you with what I have to take when, but suffice it to say, several years ago, pill popping became a part of my everyday existence. I wasn't excited about it. It's one thing to take meds when you're ill, for a period of time (Z-packs! Revolutionary! Sayonara, sinusitis, in 5 short days!). But something in me chafes against a regular, daily, dose of anything medicinal. In fact, at one point, I was persuasive enough to convince my doctor I didn't need a certain drug. I'm now back on it.

Today I read that 10% of cancer patients don't take their oral cancer medications, either because the medicine is just too expensive or because they feel they're already on too many other drugs. And I got to thinking that maybe my daily dose isn't so bad.

Have any of you stopped taking critical medications, due to cost, or frustration with taking to0 many meds?

Photo credit: e-Magine Art via Flickr

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