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I am not the hypochondriac sort; I don't assume that every symptom means something is desperately wrong. That said, I am a Google-er of symptoms both big and small; it's good to have all the info on your bod, right?
pill bottles
It's that time of year again; here on the East Coast, we're unpacking our sweaters, and doing a quick inventory of summer, a sort of fall cleaning. Do you do do a seasonal survey of your closet?
The changing of the seasons can spark the desire to change other things in our lives; your wardrobe, maybe your Medicare coverage?
flu shot
Just this past week, I stopped by my local pharmacy and noticed that, in spite of the hot weather, the place was plastered with advertisements - "Get your flu shot here today!"  While the weather seemed incongruent with the signage, flu season is definitely just around the corner.
desk chair
Just so you know, I love tec hnology. Doing social media for AARP and other organizations, I rely daily on technology. From my iPhone to the 100s of software applications I could have running on my computer at any given time, my work and personal life revolves around it. I also do a lot less walking as a result; tied to my devices, much of my day involves sitting at a desk, working on a computer.
Once upon a time, we trusted that our doctors knew our all of our medications, and how they interacted. But now, trooping off to the cardiologist one day, and the gastroenterologist the next, with a side of psychiatrist? And what happens if, say, you forget to mention all the drugs you're taking to each doc, and even if you do, do they know how all the drugs you're taking interact?
Carole speaking to her fans at Life@50+
It takes about 5 seconds to figure out that Carole Carson is a force of nature.
Last night, it seemed the whole crowd was "Dancing on the Ceiling" as AARP's Life@50 crew took over the Nokia Center to hear music greats, Ramsey Lewis, Patty Austin, and Lionel Richie.
I'll tell you straight up: I don't know much about boxing. But given the chance to go to a Life@50 session, with Alzheimer's hero Leeza Gibbons interviewing a boxing great, I thought I'd learn a little something.
medicare stamp
Are you 65, or fa st approaching it? There was a wealth of knowledge for you in yesterday's Life@50 University Session on Medicare.
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