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Play the Brain Game

Via Feisty Side of Fifty, an interesting online game that tells you how old your brain is. From the post:

Many women over fifty complain they become more forgetful. In fact, some have affectionately dubbed this phenomenon "mental-pause," and there are real physiological reasons behind it. There are estrogen receptors throughout your brain, including the hippocampus, and this is the part involved in certain aspects of memory. So, when estrogen levels drop, your brain and your ability for recall are affected... ... But, before you get too worried that your own gray matter is graying, check out this fun little test. It's called "How Old is Your Brain?" I did and was pleasantly surprised. In fact, I'm beginning to feel my noggin literally popping with new and sprightly dendrites! The game's directions are not in English but it's easy to play. 1) Click here to get to the game 2) Click start 3) Wait for the countdown 4) A set of numbers flash on the screen. Memorize their positions, then click the circles in order of smallest to largest digit. 5) At the end, the game will calculate how "old" your brain is.

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