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More On High Tech Health

We talked about Electronic Prescribing not too long ago. It brings Silicon Valley and health care together, and makes this blogger squeal with delight.
Imagine if your prescription was ready at the pharmacy before you even leave the doctor's office. Even better, imagine automatic reminders when a cheaper generic drug is available. And imagine getting immediate notice if a new prescription could have dangerous interactions with a drug you're already taking. These are just some of the promises of e-prescribing, which The Wall Street Journal touched on.
The Journal's Health Blog points out a couple of the the fact that the DEA has forbidden electronic prescribing of controlled substances. Even though e-prescribing actually produces better records than pen and paper, doctors can't prescribe pain killers and other controlled drugs electronically. That's a big red flag to doctors that don't want to keep paper and electronic systems running together. Fortunately, the DEA is starting to respond to pressure to fix that..
So how can we make e-prescribing a reality? Encourage your doctor to make the switch, and let your representatives and senators in Congress know that you want them to support electronic prescribing legislation that will make it easier and safer for you to get the prescriptions you need.

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