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Prepare for Battle...

It's coming... in June, Congress will decide whether to increase Medicare premiums yet again to cover the cost of paying doctors more. Jacking up Medicare premiums on seniors because Congress has repeatedly failed to fix a flawed system just doesn't sound very fair.
Since 2000, the monthly premiums people on Medicare pay has more than doubled and most of these folks have no other option for health care coverage. And paying monthly Medicare premiums is just the tip of the iceberg. .. overall skyrocketing health care costs sting people who are on fixed incomes the most. This typically includes those who are receiving Medicare, with the 65 plus population having an average income of just $25,000 a year. Not much when you have to not only pay premiums, but for things like prescription drugs, deductibles, co-payments, hospital visits.
At the end of the day, 44 million Americans rely on Medicare for affordable health coverage. Excessive premium increases could price people on Medicare out of getting the care they need most.
Washington needs to start tackling the core of the problem, the outrageous cost of health care. But in the interim, they shouldn't put excessive costs onto seniors because of Congress' failure to act.

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