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Preventing Falls - High On My Agenda

Alejandra has blogged before about how detrimental a fall can be for an older person. Some of you may have noticed that in a recent edition of AARP The Magazine I highlighted this as a high priority issue for me while I'm President...we know how important this issue can be for people 50 and older.
Recently, a US Center for Disease Control study showed that falls are injuring and claiming the lives of our loved ones at an alarming rate. And for many people who fall and break their hip, their lives of independence are often forever compromised.
So, if you know someone who's getting older, or maybe just beginning to have a hard time getting around their home, know that there are proven "steps" one can take that can help prevent or minimize the risk of falls. Since half the falls experienced occur at home, there are some simple things you can do to minimize the risk of a fall by improving safety features around their home.
You can find some truly helpful tips for renovating your home on our website. I also have colleagues from the Archstone Foundation in California who have funded a special focus on this topic by creating a Fall Prevention Center of Excellence.
See you in a couple of weeks!

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