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With the Aid of Science! "Magic" Carpets and Cyborgs for Everyday Use!


So what cool new health research came out this week? There's some spiffy ideas out there that could help older folks live longer and safer at home. Interestingly enough, all this elegant tech is designed to make mundane life easier. Simply put, it's hard to make life "normal" and "everyday." But still we try.

"Magic" Carpet: It looks like a rug and lies like a rug. Nothing overtly interesting about the surface you're walking upon. But what if your carpet was fitted so that it could tell if you fell? For those who want to continue to live at home well into their elder years, such a device is a great bit of added security. And it's not like you'd really know it was there. (via University of Manchester)

Diabetes Sensor: More good news in the real of diabetes care. There's been some good progress to making smaller sensors that will remove the need to constantly pricking for blood. It's some pretty cool micro-engineering with the simple aim of making life just a tad more pleasant. (via Gizmag)

Robotics!: Claire Lomas is a marathon runner whom is paralyzed. She completed a marathon with the aid of an exoskeleton. This week she becomes the first person to take her device home for everyday use. The implications in daily life improvement for those who have trouble moving around is amazing. Keep watching this one. (via Reuters)

Photo credit: Andy Field on Flickr

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