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Get Your Eyes Checked ...for Free??

Does it sound like a deal that's too good to be true?? Well it's not!. The NYT's New Old Age blog profiled the EyeCare America program that has a network of 7,000 who will take a look at patients who need eye care, and provide up to a year of treatment, without payment requirements. And for folks with slowly failing eye function but no money to pay for it, they'll jump right on it:
"For a lot of people, that's incentive enough to make an appointment," said Allison Neves, an EyeCare America spokesperson. Nearly 14,000 older Americans received eye exams and treatment last year through the program.
The fine print: a patient must be 65, a citizen or legal resident who hasn't seen an ophthalmologist for three years. He can't belong to an H.M.O. or get medical eye care through the Department of Veterans Affairs. He or a family member will need computer access; applications for the program are online only. Those who qualify are matched with a local doctor in about two weeks.
Find out more info about their program here. Also check out our list of vision disorders to see (no pun intended) the many different conditions that can affect your eyes.

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