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Jane Lynch Helps Launch Student Debt Website

Jane Lynch, best known for her portrayal of sometimes-sadistic cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester on Glee, is lending her star power to help stop the student loan crisis by participating in a series of public service announcements to launch the National College Finance Center (NCFC) website.

The NCFC site is a one-stop-shop for student loan information, offering calculators, repayment action plans, and loan guides to help borrowers get step-by-step instruction on how to pay back student loans in what can be a confusing and costly process. The site couldn't have been launched at a more opportune time, with a recent report showing that, though young adults are saddled with mounting debt and poor job prospects, the worst student loan payers are actually 40-something adults. Nearly 12% of 40-50 year-olds with student debt are delinquent on their loan bills, being pressured by retirement, family expenses, and their previously incurred educational debt. The NCFC site offers calculators that spell out in clear terms the true cost of different monthly payment plans, as well as a dedicated section for parents looking to explore financial aid options for their children.

Lynch signed on to promote the NCFC's " Don't Major in Debt" campaign, designed to help borrowers, past and present, know all their options when it comes to financing their learning and paying back their loans. She cites her nieces and nephews, as well as her experience with student loans, being forced to defer several times, with her involvement in helping to spread awareness to the current generation of borrowers and parents.

To learn more about financial aid options or student loan repayment plans, visit the NCFC website.

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