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Older Low-Income Americans on the Brink of Homelessness

While we know that the recession has been tough on older workers, some low-income people are reaching rock bottom, to the point where they are having to choose between food, medication and paying rent.

In fact, 46 percent of low-income older workers researched in a new study says they needed to find jobs so they can keep the roof over their head. A similar percentage said had to choose among the three: paying rent, purchasing food or purchasing medication. 46 percent. Not to mention nearly half of those surveyed said they had been looking for work for over a year.

I know it's a downer, but it's an issue that needs attention. Read the entire article here. Also check out Experience Works, who conducted the study and provides assistance to folks in need, as well as the AARP Foundation if you're in this situation. We shouldn't have to go hungry or get sicker to keep a roof over our heads.

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