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Send A Message Today in Support of Social Security

Along with many others here at AARP, I was shocked by Alan Simpson's recent thoughtless comments calling Social Security a "milk cow" and insulting millions of Americans.

Coming from anyone these comments would be over the line. But what makes them more offensive is Senator Simpson's position: co-chair of President Obama's Fiscal Commission, which is currently considering changes to Social Security as a solution to reduce the deficit.
How can a commission led by Sen. Simpson fairly make recommendations on the future of important programs like Social Security?

Click here to send a letter to the White House TODAY, urging that the President's Fiscal Commission stop considering benefit cuts to Social Security to address the deficit.

Or take a minute to record a voice message about Alan Simpson's comments on Social Security. Simply dial 1-877-814-7890 and speak your mind!

You and I know that the millions of Americans who receive Social Security aren't "milking the system." Social Security is paid for by the lifetime of contributions from hard-working Americans, and hasn't contributed even one penny to the federal deficit.

Social Security cuts should not be considered to reduce the deficit - in fact, how can we accept any changes recommended by a commission led by Alan Simpson? But President Obama set up this commission, and it's up to him to protect Social Security from budget-driven cuts.

Tell President Obama to stand up for Social Security and urge his Commission to reject budget-driven cuts to Social Security.

Thousands of AARP members have joined us to speak out on this critical issue. Please take a minute and join them if you haven't already.

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