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Tell Us About the Cheapest Person You Know

savings challenge for tara

Frugal, penny-pincher, or just plain cheap. We all know someone who takes dollar-stretching to the max, or maybe that person is even you.

In the Week #4 "Cheapest Person I Know" Challenge, we want to hear your stories about frugal folks you know who have turned penny-pinching into an art form, even if they sometimes take it a bit too far.

Enter the "Cheapest Person You Know" Challenge.

Maybe you have a great uncle who's rumored to still have the first nickel he ever earned, or a friend who's always proposing that the two of you go out to dinner so that he can use his "buy one get one free" coupon with you "buying the one" so that he can eat for free. You know the type. Or maybe you're the cheapest person you know, and proud of it. So tell us the extreme lengths to which you'll go to save a buck.

Tell us the story of the cheapest person you know, and you might win a prize. You have through this Sunday, Oct. 28, to enter the Week 4 "Cheapest Person I Know" Challenge. Make sure you track your savings and enter the contest via the savings tracker. Your savings tips could win you a prize. Read our contest rules.

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