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The $75,000 Lunch

"We were invited to a seminar where there were two main speakers. They talked about different kinds of investments to have an extra income for retirement and it was interesting. After a couple of days, they made an appointment with me to visit me in my home."
That was the beginning of a tragic story for Luis and Manuela Corona, a couple in Florida. Looking for a way to increase their retirement savings they attended a free lunch investment seminar. Attending this educational seminar led to friendly visits and ultimately pressure to invest in viaticals, a product that they knew very little about.
You can watch their whole story here...and also check out more about ponzi schemes, variable annuities, and more.
Many times investment opportunities come with a "free" lunch that really isn't free at all. That's why AARP and NASAA launched the Free Lunch Monitor program. You can learn the red flags for fraudulent investment schemes and protect yourself and other investors while you're at it.

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