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The French - Productive?? Oui Oui!

Name a country with high productivity, educated and skilled workforce ... China? Denmark? Germany? Canada??
NOPE guess again. This time try France!!
What France?! You say? They don't even GO to work - they spend all their time protesting. Not so fast America ....
"According to the International Labour Organization (ILO), France is ranked just after the U.S. and Norway for hourly labor productivity, calculated by dividing gross domestic product by the number of hours worked.
On total productivity, or GDP per worker for 2008, France beats Norway and trounces Germany, according to the ILO. And productivity is continuing to rise in France, up in 2008 year-on-year, compared with no change in Germany and a drop in Sweden, according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development." According to the Wall Street Journal
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What do you think ...if the US had shorter work weeks and more vacation time, would we be more productive? If so, here are some tips for being more productive at work. Take a look, #4 is turn off your computer #15 is take your vacation time.
Looks like the French are on to something!

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