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Try These Energy-Saving Secrets at Home


Spending money to save even more money is usually a lead-pipe cinch: that's an expression my generation used before there was such a thing as a "no-brainer." When it comes to investing in home improvements designed to save on utility costs, while the payoff for installing things like solar panels or new energy efficient windows may indeed be worth it in the long run, the upfront investment can be chilling.

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Before shelling out big bucks to upgrade your home's energy efficiency, there are lots of inexpensive or even FREE things you can do to figure out where you're wasting resources around the house - as you'll see in the latest episode of my weekly web show "The Cheap Life." Even something as simple as a couple of sticks of incense can show you how your hard-earned money is literally going up in smoke. And once you've detected how your house is leaking money, the fixes often cost next to nothing and can amount to  significant savings.

So tune into " The Cheap Life," and be sure to bring along some grape Kool-Aid and bubble wrap, because this isn't your typical show about saving money on your home's utility bills.

 Photo credit: Jared Kelly via Flickr.


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