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2010 CENSUS - Stand Up and be Counted America

March 15th was the day every household in America was supposed to receive their 2010 census form. The census consists of 10 short questions and an envelope with prepaid postage to send it back to the Bureau. The core of the census is to determine how many people are living in your residence on April 1st, 2010.
What is the Census?
The 2010 Census helps divide up the $400 billion in federal funds allocated to communities. The money goes towards hospitals, job training centers, schools, senior centers etc. It is important to know how many people live in each community because funds are distributed by population density. The census is dedicated to helping communities get more funding and creating more vibrant towns
Did you know:
- The census comes in 59 languages?
- In 2000 average participation rate was a dismal 72%?
- Your census responses are 100% secure, the information will never be released!
Do your part it's simple and fill it out your census and send it back!

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