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A Face Lift for the Oval Office

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Photo Credit: Doug Mills/The New York Times
The Oval Office has gotten an extreme makeover America!
While the President was vacationing with his family his office got a bit of a facelift, no longer are there brash yellows, golds, blues nor the decorative plates - instead the office has a more modern, clean feel with accented with neutrals and browns.
What is Different?
According to the New York Times, here is the rundown:
- Gone is the sunburst rug that Mr. and Mrs. Bush adored. In its place is a more muted rug with the presidential seal in the center, and on the outside edge there are 5 quotations chosen by the President - four of the quotes are from Lincoln, Kennedy and both Roosevelts as well as one from the Rev Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
- Gone are the yellow brocade couches now there are velvety brown in their place
- Gone is the old wall paper and the new wallpaper is striped, gold and yellow
But, before you start asking- how can the president redecorate when we are in the throes of a terrible economy?! Check it out: the makeover was NOT done at taxpayer expense. The White House Historical Association a nonprofit group footed the bill and the group also paid for his inauguration.

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