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A Peek at the New Governors of the Nation

AP profiled the new governors who won in last night's election. It is worth taking a look at; after all, these people will be running our nation's states! This includes Alabama's Rober Bentley, Colorado's John Hickenlooper, Kansas' Sam Brownback and New York's Andrew Cuomo (among others). Now that the dust has settled around the election, it's a great time to read up on the new politicos in our country and see what it means for you!
One interesting tidbit about Cuomo that you may or not know .... he's married to Sandra Lee -- that's right -- the famous television cook and author will be New York's new First Lady. Does this mean maybe she'll convince her hubby to give New Yorkers some sort of sweet-toothed perk? Free cupcakes on holidays? Probably not since they both try very hard to keep their careers separate, but a dynamic couple nonetheless.

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