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AARP Statement on Candidate Advocacy, DISCLOSE Act

WASHINGTON-- AARP spokesperson Jim Dau released this statement in response to recent media reports inaccurately linking AARP to the political campaign disclosure legislation currently being debated in Congress:

"AARP hasn't been involved at all in the process. We haven't taken a position on the bill, and we have not lobbied on either the underlying legislation or the proposed exemption. We haven't even seen the final language beyond what's being reported. From what we understand of the exemption, it's a moot point. AARP does not engage in express candidate advocacy. We don't endorse candidates, make political contributions, or--more relevant to the DISCLOSE Act--do any election-based advertising for or against any candidate or party. Simply put, AARP just doesn't engage in the kind of express advocacy activities that would, according to press reports, receive an exemption in the new bill.
"We appreciate and have generally supported government transparency throughout our history, and we'll continue to follow the lobbying disclosure requirements that cover what we actually do."

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