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Again and Again

While tonight's debate began as most of the debates so far this election cycle - full of sniping and attacks - the debate finally settled down and we heard some substance. The candidates did talk about financial issues, which are weighing heavily on all Americans. But there was virtually no mention of health care tonight, which is unfortunate
The most interesting portion came when the candidates traded lobs on Social Security. While Senators Clinton and Obama are both concerned about the future of the program, they traded barbs about how to ensure the program is strong for future generations. It was a healthy discussion and it's a good thing to see the candidates willing to discuss a range of options. Getting to solvency is going to take a commitment from everyone.
The most disappointing thing about tonight's debate was that too much time was spent on the accusations and attacks that turn people off from politics. With just seven months left of the election season, it would be nice to see more substance and less fluff. Hopefully that's what we'll get.

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