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All You Need Is Love

So tomorrow is Valentine's Day. This is one of those holidays that evokes really strong feelings at both ends of the spectrum. It can be a rough day when you don't have anyone to spend it with (been there). However, when you're lucky enough to spend Valentine's Day with someone you care about it can be a truly special experience. I'm in that second boat this year and I'm pretty excited about it.
The real question is, what do you do for Valentine's Day? You can go the lavish rout with expensive dinners and gifts. You can also go traditional with:


And Flowers

Then there are the people who make bold and risky displays, putting it all on the line to show loved ones their feelings. Kind of like this:

In my opinion, it's not really what you do as much as how you go about doing it that makes Valentine's Day romantic. I've got my plans but I'm curious: What's the most romantic thing you've done for a loved one?
Happy Valentine's Day!

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