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Are You Happier and Less Stressed Now Than You Were in Your Twenties??

New Gallup phone survey of more than 340,000 Americans shows that people in their 50s are less stressed and more satisfied with life than those in their 20s! Older people from their mid to late 50s have a better outlook on life, and experience less stress than their younger counterparts. How great is that? Maybe the saying is true: life; like fine wine, gets better with age.
There may be a few reasons why Americans are happier in their 50s. Maybe it's because when you're older you are more financially secure, you're content with your life partner, the kids have left the nest. There are many possible reasons for the uptick in happiness, but more studies are needed to find out exactly why people become more satisfied with life as they age. Perhaps it's because at 50 you can become an AARP member?? Whatever the reason we are glad to see our members enjoying life.

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