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Being Older and Rural

The New York Times had an interesting article yesterday about older Americans living in rural areas and the hardship that comes with it.
While aging affects us all, living in isolated communities doesn't make it easier, especially when the recession is driving younger residents out to the cities. This leaves many of these towns with mostly older residents who have little or no public transportation and sometimes limited medical assistance.
Before I started "hmmm"ing this piece which, while I don't doubt has truth to it, seemed to brink on the edge of implying older people are unable to care for themselves - or run a town for that matter - it mentioned that older folks who live in rural are actually quite tough. Despite the challenges that may come with living in these communities, it is their home, and they choose to stay and adapt.
What would be assumed as the biggest concern is if a town has limited medical services. For folks who do live in rural areas, AARP has a resource guide that can help you find a mini clinic nearby, check it out.

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