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Bipartisan Solutions Are Possible

Bill Novelli, AARP's CEO, issued the following statement after the President signed into law a bipartisan economic stimulus package passed by Congress last week.

"Today is a reminder of how leaders in Washington should work together more often.

"Last month, our elected officials worked across party lines to propose a stimulus plan that focused almost entirely on tax rebates and business incentives. The American people voiced their concern that this plan would be unfair, leaving out approximately 20 million people who depend on Social Security, as well as disabled veterans. In the end, Congress listened and passed a better plan that will give these people a little help in a tough time, as well as a role in turning around our economy.

"Today, the President signed the bill into law and directed the federal government to move quickly on the package.

"All this happened in the span of three weeks - and it only happened because elected officials were willing to move past partisan politics and listen to their constituents.

"The stimulus bill, while not perfect, is a breakthrough in Washington, where partisan gridlock has stalled progress on critical issues like affordable health care and lifetime economic security. We are grateful to Congressional and Administration leaders from both parties for listening to the American people and getting this done. Now let's keep it up."

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