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The latest from the Sunshine State from AARP Florida's Carmel Perez-Snyder:
What's big and purple and soon coming to your town in Florida? It's the Champmobile! The CM is an interactive, educational vehicle that will travel around Florida between now and the November election. It's hard to miss the purple 57-feet vehicle and truck that is named after Champ, the Divided We Fail mascot. The Champmobile made its debut at the Miami Gardens Jazz Festival March 15 and 16 at Dolphin Stadium. The "official" unveiling will be held this Friday, 10 am at the State Capitol plaza in Tallahassee.
So what does a Champmobile do? Glad you asked. The CM is equipped with satellite - great for debate watching and election night watch parties, two television screens (42" on the outside and 21" on the inside), and is its own "wi-fi" hot spot. Visitors will be able to watch DWF videos and ads, surf DWF sites, including the Champmobile's own Facebook page, or share their story online. Sitting inside the Champmobile, visitors feel as if they are on a park bench in the Capitol Mall in D.C. Visitors can even give their own "presidential" speech on the stage at the back of the Champmobile. The Divided We Fail Florida team is super excited about this new tool and ready to hit the road!

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