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Champmobile on the Road

Here's an update from Florida AARP's Carmel Perez Snyder:
The Champmobile, a boat, big fish and a high-flying dog, all helped Divided We Fail Florida take Charlotte County by land, sea and air this weekend. The CM was a hot bed of activity at the Oh Boy! Oberto Redfish Tournament in Punta Gorda, FL as energetic volunteers played games with kids and helped them color Champ in the newly created Champ Activity Book for kids. While the kids were busy, volunteers talked to parents about Divided We Fail. Others were inside the Champmobile sending emails to candidates or surfing the DWF Web site.
Across the way by the water, DWF volunteers Sam Reams and Chris Folsom battled with some sea-savvy 11-year-olds in the cardboard boat races. The heated battle was captured by the local paper photographer and landed Chris and Sam and the AARP Divided We Fail boat on the front page, above the fold.
DWF also had an entry in the international splash-dog contest. "Alex," a beautiful yellow lab turned out to be a contender for the title in the high-flying competition, leading with a jump of 21 feet five inches. In between his competitions, Alex cooled down by wearing a DWF T-shirt.
Next stop? The Champmobile is on the road this week with two more stops in Port Charlotte today and Tuesday. Then up Interstate 275 to Lakeland for a downtown community event. On May 3, the Champmobile will be in Mascotte, Florida for a Cinco de Mayo celebration.

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