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Diana Nyad: "I'm In My Athletic Prime"


"Turning 60, for the first time in my life, threw me in a sort of angst. I decided to reach out for something that would take everything in me." - Diana Nyad, to Diane Sawyer in the interview above.

We're in awe of this woman. One hundred and three miles, through sharks, in a swim that cost her 29 pounds in three days the last time she tried it. She's 61, almost 62, doing something no one has done before. Some whippersnapper made it, but they swam in a shark cage. Shark cage for Diana? Nope. She'll make the whole swim unprotected.

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"I hope a couple will say, 'I want to live life like that at this age,' I want the candle to burn bright. We have changed a lot. Our parents' generation, at 60, they considered that old age. I'm in the middle of middle age." - Diana Nyad



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