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Divided We Fail is Hot Even When The Temperature's Not

AARP's Stepheni Schlinker reports on the statewide launch of Divided We Fail in Michigan today: "Despite a "feels like" temperature of -15 today in Lansing, Divided We Fail had a smoking kick off today beginning with AARP State President Eric Schneidewind doing morning radio interviews in 12 markets followed by a jam-packed press conference.
Divided We Fail allies from AARP, SEIU and NFIB Michigan joined Senator Mark Schauer (D) and Rep. Rick Shaffer (R) at the kick off where they talked about the importance of working together in a bipartisan manner to solve our nation's health care and financial security problems.
Everyone signed the oversized Divided We Fail pledge and then headed back out into the frigid cold! We're still burning up the phone lines talking to legislators and reporters about this great project though... even if our noses are frozen."
Sign the pledge here.

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