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Divided We Fail Kicks Off 2009 In A Big Way

Today on Capitol Hill, Divided We Fail held a press conference to announce the start of its efforts in 2009. Acknowledging the quick start that Congress and the President-elect have had, AARP CEO Bill Novelli noted that "The president-elect and new Congress have hit the ground running this month, and we're here to help with the support of 53 million consumers, workers and entrepreneurs." The press conference marked the beginning of Divided We Fail working to improve health care and financial security issues in 2009.
Divided We Fail will be working through the upcoming Congressional recess with townhall meetings across the country to take the people's message to their Representatives and Senators.
President and CEO of NFIB Todd Stottlemyer said "If our organizations-business, labor and consumers-can join forces, so can our leaders in Washington. We're just getting started and we're ready to help."
We are just getting started, but it looks like it's going to be a busy year for Divided We Fail.
Take a look at some photos from today's press conference:

novelli 2.jpg

AARP CEO Bill Novelli speaking at today's press conference on the Hill.
hatch 1.jpg

Sen. Orrin Hatch making remarks.
durbin 1.jpg

Senator Dick Durbin made an appearance and spoke at the DWF press conference.

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