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Five Day Work Week for the Mailman

Is everyone aware that the elimination of mail delivery on Saturdays is one step closer to reality this week? According to this Washington Post blog, the USPS earned approval to take the proposal to postal regulators and Congress. Postmaster General John E. Potter will submit plans by next Tuesday.
If the proposal is approved by Congress and the Postal Regulatory Commission, Saturday mail delivery would cease at the start of fiscal 2011. But! Don't panic yet - I didn't realize that the plan isn't overarching... mail carriers would stop delivering mail to homes and businesses on Saturdays, and they wouldn't pick up from the blue mailboxes on the streets. However, post offices would stay open on Saturdays, and Express Mail service would also continue on Saturdays.
This article from the Washington Post says that postal officials said the proposal would save the ailing USPS $3.1 billion in the first year and as much as $5.1 billion by 2020.
This USA Today/Gallup poll shows that most Americans support the idea of 5-day mail delivery...but not the idea of post offices closing on Saturdays. What are your thoughts on the end of Saturday mail delivery as we know it?
You can find detailed information from the USPS about how the plan will affect your household or business here.

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