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From Our Members: Why We Joined AARP

We don't always toot our own horn over here. Sure, we think this is a great organization. And we work very hard getting you lots of funny, interesting, and informative content. But we don't always tell you why you might want to join AARP. When someone asked us "why should I join?" the other day, we figured we'd ask the members on our Facebook page. Here's some of the best from what they said:
"AARP is an indispensable part of every senior's life whether they are members or not. AARP is the often the only voice we have in Washington. Thank you AARP for being there for us Seniors!"
" I originally joined for the discounts, but I continue with AARP because I do believe they advocate for seniors."
"Love the discounts, but the advice without aggravation is the best."
"I smile every time the AARP magazine comes in the mail. Valerie Bertinelli - it was great seeing a contemporary on the cover. My 50 is so different from my Dad's 50!"
"Power of many voices, useful information, inclusion of all."
We're touched... and we admit, get a little thrill out of seeing our hard work be enjoyed. Thank you, AARP members! As always, we appreciate the feedback.

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