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Holy Awesome Shoe, Batman!


It looks like the wonders of technology may be bringing older folks a shoe that may help them avoid falls. This is not just any old shoe, people - it's an iShoe.
Erez Lieberman of MIT actually originally created the shoe as an experiment for astronauts with balance issues after returning home from the weightlessness of space life. But after Lieberman's grandmother had a bad fall, he realized that the invention could serve as a "balance diagnostic" to assist doctors and patients prevent falls before they occur.
Essentially what the shoe does is use its insole to measure the pressure of the foot and report it to a person's doctor, and in extreme cases, report an alarm when a fall actually occurs. But for the most part, this awesome tech shoe will serve as a warning so that future falls can be detected, and avoided. And considering that falls are a leading cause of death for people over 65, we'll be welcoming the iShoe with open arms.
Via Gizmodo.

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