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Huffington Post: Follow This Blog!


Our blog, that is. We're one of Huffington Post 50's top blogs to follow!  They put us right alongside Ari Seth Cohen's wonderful Advanced Style blog, the New York Times' New Old Age Blog, and the delightful Middle Mojo.  We're blushing. What company!

To reciprocate, here's just a few of our favorite blogs 'round the Internets as of this morning...

A Suitable Wardrobe: Guys, let's talk tweed. And proper shoes.

Letters of Note: Neat bits of history, some recent, some not so much.

Arthur and Bernie: This blog gets to us, every day. Written by a 28-year-old caregiver, friend, and granddaughter to Arthur and Bernie, it's terribly honest, always full of joy, and, well, we feel like we know Arthur and Bernie after just a year.

Photo: Confetti cannon. Via. 


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