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Jane Pauley On Par with Michael Allen - Part 2

The following is a post from Kim Sedmak, Executive Producer of AARP's Your Life Calling TODAY with Jane Pauley.

Champions Tour Golfer Michael Allen tells us he is a slow learner, while some call him a late bloomer. We think he's right on par and the reason for being featured in our upcoming segment on AARP's TODAY show series " Your Life Calling" with Jane Pauley. Allen is one Boomer who hasn't given up on pursuing his life-long dream. At age 50, he finally won his first major tour victory, the Senior PGA Championship, the premier event on the senior golf tour.

However, it took him 20 years to attain that spot. Three years later, his name is still at the top of the leaderboard! When we caught up with him a few weeks ago at the Dick's Sporting Goods Open in Endicott, New York, it was another stellar performance on the fairway. Allen came from behind late in the day making his way into the number one spot in the tournament only then to be tied with Willy Wood. The tournament went into a sudden death challenge, with Allen's ball heading into the water sinking his chance at victory -- earning him a very respectable second place. Golf drama on the links at its finest!

Our crew caught it all tape along with the Golf Channel broadcasting it "live," a dramatic finish to a day filled with lots of excitement including Jane's guest appearance on the Golf Channel's set with their announcers. She regaled them with descriptions of her golf game as comic relief.

The true comic relief came when Jane announced prior to being mic'd that she needed to use the ladies room. The nearest available restroom facility was a port-o-john outside the Golf Channel's Broadcasting Booth. Yes, indeed Jane made her way outside and down the stairs to yet another type of booth. Talk about a double bogie! Even legendary broadcasters find themselves comprising their desire for comfort when nature calls.

Make sure you watch AARP's Your Life Calling TODAY with Jane Pauley on the NBC TODAY show September 17, 8:30-9am ET.

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