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Meet Australia's FIRST Female Prime Minister


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America meet Julia. Julia Gillard is Australia's very first female Prime Minister, and she can tell you - it has not been an easy ride to the top. Gillard entered parliament in 1998 and was mocked for being unmarried, childless and having a nasally voice. This did not deter her, Gillard persevered and slowly made her rise through Australian politics. The UK Guardian quoted her on becoming Australia's first female prime minister, and said: "I'm aware I'm the first woman to sit in this role but I didn't set out to crash my head against any glass ceilings."
But smash the glass ceiling she has. The 48 year old politico has showed her toughness and how she stands up for herself throughout her life and is all too aware of the hard road ahead of her - getting the job is only ½ the battle, running any country will be no easy task. We wish you the best of luck Julia!

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