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Michigan's Down to the Wire

An update from Stepheni Schlinker of AARP Michigan, where they are running around crazy on primary day:
AARP Michigan State President Eric Eric Schneidewind was in the Citadel Broadcasting studio from 7 a.m. to 8 a.m. this morning with the morning news show host - Michael Patrick Shiels - and right away, Shiels told Eric that Mitt Romney was "calling into the show in 5 minutes," and said he wanted Eric to ask Mitt a question from AARP. So, there was a little witty banter between Shiels and Romney about his dad being Governor of Michigan in the 60s and then he introduced Eric and told Romney that he wanted to ask a question on behalf of AARP. Eric told Romney about DWF and asked, "What is the plan for ensuring the future solvency of Medicare?" Romney started with saying that "we need to reign in the growth and cost of Medicare" and then used his Massachusetts health plan example.
Following the Romney piece, Eric was able to talk extensively about DWF, specifically keying in on the importance of financial security and affordable, quality healthcare. They talked about why our members are more likely to vote (experience, they see the difference leaders can make, why having a good leader is important to the future of our children/grandchildren, etc.). He explained that AARP does not endorse specific candidates and encouraged voters to visit to check out where the candidates stand on DWF issues such as affordable health care, social security, Medicare, financial security and breaking Washington gridlock.

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