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News To Know: Living In A Bubble

Wish there was a place where you could go to and forget all about the problems we are all facing? Well if you want to move to a place with surpluses, increasing home values, few foreclosures and little unemployment you can. All you need to do is find a way to get yourself to North Dakota, a place that where people seem to be living in a bubble.


But why is North Dakota thriving when everyone else is struggling to keep their heads above water? North Dakota has seen windfalls from increased oil production for starters. Also, as a mainly agricultural state, North Dakota benefited from a great year for its crops. Maybe most importantly of all, North Dakotans have a no frills approach that never gets too high or too low. This state wasn't saddling with the bad loans that plague much of the rest of the country. So if you need a break from all those economic storm clouds hovering over your head it keep in mind the forecast for North Dakota looks sunny.

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