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News To Know: The Budget Proposal and Health Care

In the midst of the terrible economic news, and the passage of the stimulus package, President Obama announced his budget proposal. One of the most noted aspects of this budget is the money allocated for reforms to the health care system. The President isn't the first to try and overhaul America's health care, but he is going about it in an interesting way. Rather than coming up with a whole plan and then trying to gain approval for it, he his budgeting money first, and then working out the details. The plan is to reserve the money for expanding and improving coverage, and then working with Congress to find a solution that will be able to gain the support needed for passage.
President Obama's biggest challenge may just be finding ways to pay for his budget, especially as the government is seeing decreasing revenues during this recession. It will be very interesting to see how the planned spending in this budget will match up with the economic realities we are all facing right now.

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