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Older Americans Go Hungry has a featured article that might not the most pleasurable for your Friday, but is a necessary one to be read. "Going Hungry in America" addresses the harsh reality that many older Americans are facing at a time when food and energy prices are sky-rocketing:

Today, the federal government counts 10 percent of Americans 65 and older at or below the poverty line. But that number may hide a harsher reality, some economists say. Certainly more are struggling to stay afloat. According to a recent AARP survey, 60 percent of Americans 65 and older are having a tougher time paying for food, gas and medicine. More than 10 percent have been forced to turn for help to families or charities.

Not only are people going hungry, but are cutting back on medicine, which is just not acceptable. You must read the whole article, it's a big wake-up call, and a stark reminder of the crisis that we're all facing.

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