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Opening Day of Life@50+

A few highlights from the  "official"  first day of Life@50+ in L.A.

  • Mr. Make-It-Work, Tim Gunn, says women over 50 often wear clothes that are too big, which has to do with their body image.  "It makes them look dowdy," Gunn says, "and no one needs to look dowdy."
  • There is no dowdiness among the women in red hats.  They are all over the convention center in crimson and purple plumage, as well as hats, headbands and other head adornment.
  • The Money Coach, Lynne Khalfani-Cox, says if you have time to watch Dancing With the Stars you have time to make a will.  Do it.  Read all her tips in the Money & Savings.
  • Sugar Ray Leonard - still looking trim and fit in his 50s - says he's like "a classic or used car. I just keep it tuned up." He chatted on stage with Leeza Gibbons, of AARP's My Generation.
  • Football superstar Dan Marino got his AARP card. Congrats, Dan.
  • Music superstar Lionel Richie got folks thinking about dancing on the ceiling, or at least on the floor of the Nokia Theatre.  He told folks backstage, "I'm a card carryin' member" of AARP.
  • Ramsey Lewis, who played a 20-minute set before Richie went on, told us backstage that the last such short set he played was 60 years ago. But he doesn't care  how long it is. He just loves to play.
  • Actor Seth Rogen, introducing his new movie 50/50 asked what AARP (the letters) stand for - thinking it had to do with retired persons. When told it's no longer an acronym he said, "If it stood for the American Association of Relaxed Persons I would join right away."
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