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Perils of Cleaning - No More Fuss Green Solutions

Have you ever coughed or felt light headed when you spray your countertop with everyday cleaning products? You are most likely reacting to all the harsh chemicals in the cleaning solutions. Not only do these chemicals aggravate your senses but they aren't good for the environment. Why not try making your own cleaning products? They are green and cheap to make
Linda Cobb the "Queen of Clean" shows how using ingredients found in your home can create just as effective less-toxic cleaning products! She was also featured on
How to Make Your Own Cleaning Products: (so easy)
Streakless windows?
Try this: Use a solution of 50 percent rubbing alcohol and 50 percent water in a spray bottle Helpful tip: use a blackboard eraser to eliminate streaks!
Cleaning your sink?
Try this: Spray heated white vinegar, then sprinkle Borax and scrub.
Polishing bathroom fixtures?
Try this: Polish chrome with a dryer fabric softener sheet.
Scrubbing hairspray residue off your mirror?
Try this: Mix two parts water, one part liquid fabric softener, and spray to wash residue away.
Scouring your toilet?
Try this: Simply drop a denture-cleaning tablet in the toilet bowl.

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