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Quick Note on Tonight's Debate

As AARP does frequently, we surveyed some undecided voters and asked them where they stand right now with the candidates. The overwhelming majority (81%) of undecided voters say the debates will be important in deciding their vote, while most feel that they don't know enough about the candidates' economic and health care plans to decide yet.
The country will gather this evening to watch the first presidential debate, live from Oxford, Mississippi. To be sure, the economy will likely dominate the discussion in some fashion.
Given current issues facing the country, questions about the how our economy plays a role in the global community are absolutely on point. But we here at ShaarpSession would be remiss if we did not put in a plug for debate moderator Jim Lehrer to ask at least one question about the future of social security and how the candidates propose to strengthen our economy...older Americans are taking a beating right now.
One thing top on our minds here at ShaarpSession is how do the candidates think the current economic down turn will affect these entitlement programs?
We'll wait eagerly by the television set tonight to see what they have to say!

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