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Record Turnout in the Beltway Battle

According to the Washington Post, "In Virginia, exit polls estimated that nearly one-third of registered voters turned out yesterday, a state record in a presidential primary. In the District, nearly three times as many voters cast ballots as in the 2004 primary. Maryland officials, meanwhile, projected turnout of about 39 percent, nearly equal to the record set in 1992."
AARP Virginia's Amy Gilbody pointed us to this story that had people voting on slips of paper because they ran out of ballots!
Despite nasty weather that left some commuters on the road for 8+ hours, you stuck to it and let your vote be counted. Thanks to all of the AARP volunteers that braved the cold to greet commuters with Divided We Fail candidate side-by-side brochures!


AARP VA's Divided We Fail Program Assistant Liz Gannon talks with voters on Election Day.

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