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Response To Readers, And a Question

Looks like my pithy commentary about Starbucks woes got more than a few folks fired up! I, like a few of you who commented earlier, count myself among the lucky. I have another 30 years more in the workforce and am taking care of myself, not a family or even my parents...yet.
I think the most important point here, is that we're all feeling the our own ways. My mom feels it when she goes to fill up the gas tank. My father feels it when his company (where he's worked for 30 years) announces yet another round of lay-offs or buy-out opportunities.
From the comments posted, everyone's feeling the pinch everywhere you can possibly think of spending money. One reader, Peggy, left a note that struck a chord:

People having to move in with other family members or even strangers just to try to make ends meet. I for one just moved in with my daughter and grandkids hoping to be able to survive. Between the high cost of rent (even though the housing has gone down) and going to the grocrey store there goes everything. Forget trying to save a dime for retirement. Where oh where is this world going to.

So what now? If you could tell President-elect Obama to do one thing in his first 100 days...what would you tell him to do?

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