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Safer Driving, Safer Living

This is a must-read on AARP Bulletin about how older adults are taking advantage of new technologies that are making driving safer and easier. This includes radar, imaging and sensors that can more or less let your car be your eyes and ears on the road -- and older folks are eating it up:
The Automotive Emerging Technologies Study run by J.D. Power and Associates found that among consumers 60 and older, 75 percent were interested in blind-spot detection, because it can prevent a common type of accident. Half of that same group said they would pay more for extra safety features, compared with 46 percent of the general population.
Many technologies first become available in luxury cars because they're expensive and manufacturers want to get more experience with them on the road. But once a technology evolves from this initial phase, it isn't long before the new feature gets widely adopted, says Roderick MacKenzie, chief technology officer and vice president of programs for the Intelligent Transportation Society of America.
He points to blind-spot detection. It's only been in the consumer vehicle market a couple of years and is now featured on the redesigned 2010 Ford Taurus. The goal of Ford, according to spokesman Alan Hall, is to "democratize the technology" across its lineup, making it available to everybody. "These are good technologies that enhance the driving experience and shouldn't just be for luxury car buyers," he says.
Check out the rest of the piece, which gives you a list of new technologies to look out for when shopping for your next car. It could make driving a whole new experience!

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