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Snogging Elvis: "I Was Thin and Stacked"

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She was a mystery. You've seen this picture, right? If you've ever been to Graceland, you know it's everywhere.

"Ever since the picture was published, no one on the Richmond music scene, or in Elvis's inner circle, seemed to know who she was. But how could they not? This was a Kim Novak look-alike, dressed for Saturday night-sexy, flirty, wearing four-inch, plastic Springolator pumps, rhinestone fan earrings, a black chiffon spaghetti-strap dress, and a see-through purse festooned with faux pearls. Whoever she was, this was not a girl to forget. As evidenced in the 48 shots that Wertheimer took of her that day-many of which show her facing directly into the lens-she had fetching dimples, brows sharply penciled in black, and a teasing smile that tugged at the corners of her mouth."

Her name was Barbara Gray. Read the rest of the fascinating backstory over at Vanity Fair. 

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