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Taking Your New Years Resolutions Seriously (And Realistically)

Let's face it - too often we make some grand resolution to change big for the new year, and near to nothing comes out of it.

Practice an accomplishment or performance in your head--athletes call this "mental rehearsal"--repeatedly until you've got it exactly right. The idea of mental rehearsal is to actually create the experience of success in your mind. For example, suppose you're going to a party where you'll be faced with lots of unhealthy food and drinks. Rehearse in your head how you'll control your cravings and resist temptation. Or maybe you're thinking about skipping your workout. Switch mental gears: Picture yourself at the gym, working out and experiencing the positive feelings you get from your workout. When you regularly focus on a successful outcome, you increase its potential to become reality.

Check out other strategies she has in store - they can be super useful as you head into 2010.

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