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Tasty Super Bowl Party Snacks


When Super Bowl day arrives, there's one other thing besides the TV that's on -- our hunger switch to eat massive amounts of food. And what better than to prepare appropriately ahead of time for the big eating event? Check out some tips AARP has on what food to make (and how to make it):

- Keep it simple: Some gatherings are perfect for culinary experimentation, but for the Super Bowl it's best to keep the nibbles classic. Bust out the nachos. Save the salmon en croute for another time

-Make dishes ahead: Even if the food is the main attraction, there's no need to spend game time in the kitchen. Make dishes ahead of time so you can enjoy the company and root for your team.

-Snacks, snacks, snacks: From bowls of spiced nuts to chips and dip to hot wings, Super Bowl eating is all about snacking. Make lots of little dishes to serve during the game and you might not even need to make a main course!

Read the rest here (including links to great recipes), and enjoy your Super Bowl eats!



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